Contract Development for Fair Tenancy Course (WSQ)

🔒 Secure your spot for our upcoming sessions on April 30th! Dive into the new Code of Conduct for Retail Premises leasing, ensuring optimal financial outcomes.

Act fast! Contact Jonathan at ☎️ 9694 8505 via Call/WhatsApp or ✉️ email at

Don’t miss the chance to learn from our seasoned trainer, Nan.

A former lawyer, Ms. Lim Hui Nan is currently the Business Development Director and Chief Learning Officer of Empire Eats Group, a Japanese restaurant-bar group that operates a diverse collection of food & beverage concepts in Singapore since 2009. Ms. Lim is also a graduate of the Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP), and Diploma in Design and Development of Learning for Performance (DDDLP).

Claim your spot now and take your expertise to new heights! 📚

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