SGTUFF Co-operative Ltd(SGTUFF) has 1000+ verified frontline business owners in our group
representing 873 brands in 3,823 retail outlets, with a 29,816 strong workforce.

1) Partnerships/Collaborations

We welcome Commercial Partnerships and Collaborations within our members or external
parties. We are looking for Partnerships/Collaborations that add value to our community
and are also commercially win-win propositions.
Kindly contact us at so we can assess each proposal on their

2) Advertising on SGTUFF Channels

Our advertising channels are as follows:

1. WhatsApp Main Group(604 Business Owners)
2. WhatsApp Patron/Associate Members Group (110 Core/Active Business
3. Telegram Main Group (772 Business Owners)
4. Telegram Patron/Associate Members Group (166 Core/Active Business
5. SGTUFF Facebook (2147 likes)
6. SGTUFF Facebook group (5000 members)
7. SGTUFF LinkedIn (144 followers)
8. SGTUFF Instagram (234 followers)
9. SGTUFF Tiktok (1110 followers)

Kindly contact us at