Suggested Suppliers/Partners/Vendors for Collaboration/Advertising/Listing with SGTUFF

Dear SGTUFF members, We’re on the lookout for commercial partners, suppliers, and vendors interested in collaborating with our dynamic network of 1,000 frontline business owners. Whether their goals include promoting products or services, participating in special initiatives, or forging mutually beneficial partnerships, we’re excited to explore innovative opportunities with them. If you have any recommendations, […]

WSQ Franchise Operational Plan & Performance Management

Attention, Business Owners! 🚀 Ready to franchise your business? Ensure success with well-documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Boost efficiency, profitability, and brand standards. Join FLA’s course:📅 Date: 7-9 Nov 2023(Physical Class)⏰ Time: Tue-Thu, 9am-5:30 pm Learn to:✅ Establish effective franchise operational plans✅ Develop SOPs & Franchise Manual✅ Create training & operations setup✅ Improve with key […]

Progressive Wage Mark Information Session For Retail Tenants

We are partnering Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) to co-organise this briefing for Retail Industry on Progressive Wage (PW) Mark and the Occupational Employment Dataset (OED). Administered by SBF, the PW Mark accredits firms that pay Progressive Wages to lower-wage workers. It enables consumers and jobseekers alike to easily identify, support […]